Everlasting beauty - Bridal bouquet made from dried flowers

A memory that will last for years

Literally. The most recent trend of wedding bouquets made of dried flowers is a wonderful alternative that doesn’t require a lot of care or a big budget.

It won't hurt the budget

A wedding bouquet made of dried flowers is not only an excellent eco-friendly choice but also a more economical one. Here at ROVINA we are well aware of all the costs involved in organizing your wedding day. After all, it’s years of experience. It is possible to cut the budget here by up to half.

Where to? In a vase or?

Even in a vase or just on top of the table and shelf. A properly tied bouquet stands on its own, without support. Every bride be delighted by the fact that the bouquet does not need to be watered, so less to worry about! This gives you a myriad of options for where and how to arrange your bridal splendour.

“Ecological and sustainable.”

Hand-in-hand with the latest trends

Let’s face it, who doesn’t get excited about the idea of a rustic, country wedding like something out of old stories? If you’re craving a nostalgic-romantic-style bouquet, you’ve come to the right place. Our dried flowers are grown with love and care. Harvested and dried with attention to quality so that they will last you forever.

Get inspired by our curated selection of bouquets and if you like one, do not hesitate and get in touch with us. Our professional team will be on hand to create an unforgettable wedding bouquet just for you.

Do you feel inspired by us? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

Yours kindly, ROVINA – Flower Garden Team

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